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Once I have read your comment I will remove it and either get to work or scrap it depending on if it is any good.


  1. Hey big fan could you do a role exchanger with this pic. Thanks

  2. Hey, big fan of your work! I was wondering if you could do a swap class body swap between a hot GILF teacher and her horny male student where they break every rule of swap class, exploring their new bodies and end up having sex with each other please

  3. swap ariana grande and kristin kreuk

  4. could you do a caption where a mom or step mom and son or step son receive an item shipped from husband/father that causes mom and son to accidently swap bodies right before husband/father gets home from a work trip and wants to take his wife on a romantic vacation and mom makes son promise not to reveal what happened between them to any one and son as mom has to pretend to be the wife in bed and gets pregnant as his own mother which causes swap to become permanant and he has to deliver his own brother or sister as his mom as him has his life with her sons girlfriend.

    I really enjoy your stories


    1. Hey R, That is really Interesting. I will give it ago but you have the story idea pretty well, if you want to make it. I can post it here with a link to your page if you want to!?!

    2. Sorry i do not have a page i just thought you might like the idea



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