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              Device Grant 07/01/18
             Device Matt 14/01/18
                 Device Topher 28/01/18

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Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Taking a Break

So recently I have rocketed viewers wise. I am pulling good numbers in from Google. but I am also a bit burnt out. I am going to take a small break. If I do get any Caps sent in for the Want to do Caps. page I will upload them.

Thanks guys, see you soon.

Saturday, 14 October 2017

Out of the Skirt. What I am doing with it.

Out of the Skirt has been a staple of this blog since July. Here is where I am with it right now. You guys want it to carry on but I am coming to a bit of a stand still. Where can I go with this journey of Oliver, he has become his Mother and that was the entire point of the series to see this Boy become a woman, and not just that his own mother. This came with many trials like how to dress, body image and harassment.

Here are my proposals for the series:
I can try carrying on with this storyline.
I can start a new path for Oliver, a new body.
Or I can start a fresh series about another person in their town when the storm happened. 

Let me know. This is a tough decision and this blog is our stories, not just mine.

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